Rezone 544 NW Linwood Street

Notice of Public Hearing

Before the Highfill Planning Commission

To all owners of land lying within 200 feet of the boundary of the following property:

Location: 544 NW Linwood Street

Owned by Roth Family, Inc.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT an Application has been filed for rezoning of the above-described property, requesting a change of zone classification from R-2 to R-3. District which permits the use of the property as described below and allows for all other uses provided for said District in the Highfill Zoning Code maintained in the Highfill Administration Office at the address provided below.

If approved, the rezoning will occur only upon the property described above.  It will not change the zoning or permitted uses on neighboring properties.

The Applicant is: Roth Family, Inc.

A public hearing on the Application will be held by the Highfill Planning Commission in the Highfill Council Chambers, 2560 W. Highway 12, Highfill, AR on September 26th at 6:30pm.  All parties in interest may appear and be heard at such time and place or may notify the Planning Commission of their views on this matter by letter.

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