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Benton County GIS Basemap

Basemap by Benton County GIS

Highfill Zoning Districts

City of Highfill Zoning Districts

Zoning DistrictAbbreviationPermitted UsesMinimum AreaMinimum Width at Line
Natural ResoucesN-RFarms, Ranches, Single-Family Residences2 acres200 feet
ResidentialR-1Single-Family Residential9,000 sq. feet70 feet
Residential NeighborhoodR-NSingle-Family Residential5,000 sq. feet50 Feet
Residential-Two FamilyR-2Single-Family Residential, Duplex
Single Family6,000 sq. feet60 feet
Duplex9,000 sq feet70 feet
Residential-MultifamilyR-3Single-Family Residential, Manufactured Homes, Duplexes, Townhouses, Multifamily
Single Family6,000 sq. feet60 feet
Duplex9,000 sq. feet70 feet
Townhouse4,500 sq. feet25 feet
Multifamily10,000 sq. feet70 feet
Rural ResidentialR-RLarger lots in conjunction with agriculture1 acre150 feet
Planned Unit Development DistrictPUDsmall- and large-scale developments incorporating a single type or variety of residential and commercial20 acres
Neighborhood CommercialC-1Transition between residential and general commercial0.5 acre100 feet
General CommercialC-2Heavy retail trade, service and business0.25 acre120 feet
Light IndustrialI-1Quiet industries compatible with commercial, residential, and agricultural uses 5 acres300 feet
General IndustrialI-2Intensive industries, manufacturing facilities5 acres300 feet
Airport Influence AreaAIAProperty under the management & supervision of Northwest Arkansas National Airport
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